Making your Business Cards Smart

Our mission is to bring the business card up to the standard of the 21st century, currently inefficient, polluting and impractical. Take it to the next level with a flexible, reliable and fast tool.


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Did we really need that much paper for that?

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We designed the only business card your clients won’t toss. 

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Let’s spend that money somewhere else!


Forgot Your Business Cards Again? No Problem

We eliminate the hassles of tossed, lost, and forgotten business cards, and allow you to customize them on the go to adapt to the customer your team is meeting.

Empower Your Sales Team - Make It Unique

Our digital business card impresses 83% of the prospects it is shown to. Make sure people remember your commercial team with a disruptive and modern contact-sharing solution.


Some Examples

Some Cool Examples

Whether you chose to take your metal card this morning, or just the digital card on your phone’s wallet app, we got you covered.

Let’s customize the pieces of information your prospect will find there (project’s link, phone number LinkedIn.. or all at the same time!)

Every Customer Is Different
Your Cards Should Be Too

Meet the team

We started Dalmaa because just like you, we were tired of standard business cards. Feel free to reach out !

Customers reviews

What do people say?

Dalmaa cards completely changed our way of acquiring prospects during fairs and events. We can now have an individual card pointing to our last projects and/our our contact informations depending on the person we're meeting. Awesome.
Alex Albon
Head of sales at BAK-System
I use your cards at the end of every appointment I have with new customers: so good to be able to change the website I'm sharing and to share both my phone number and my LinkedIn in a single scan, without all the paper to carry around!
5/5, please save the planet & stop printing paper cards.
Christina Williams
freelance UI/UX designer


Most frequent questions and answers
When you receive your card, download Dalmaa app on Apple Store or Google Play, scan the QR code on your card, and fill it with your personal info. Your Dalmaa card is ready to use!
Dalmaa card allows you to share any kind of social media, including Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,… You can also share your phone number, email address, company name, personal website, resume, or anything else you can imagine.
Your personal QR code is valid forever and you can update information on it anytime you want. You can also delete your account through the app if you don’t want to use your Dalmaa card anymore. All the information associated with it will be deleted in the same time.
Your personal information is encrypted in our highly protected servers and no one except you can access to it. When you share your QR code, you can select which social link you give access to. You can also configurate restricted/ authorized permissions in the app’s settings.
Sure! Your personal QR Code will never change, you can copy it wherever you want. Don’t hesitate to contact the support for a HD version of the code. Be creative!